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Larry G. Muller is a New York-based executive who leverages 40 years of business leadership experience in his current role as chief operating officer of Code and Theory. The company, established in 2001, has played a significant role in shifting the media landscape by providing creative digital solutions to Google, Adidas, United Technologies, JP Morgan Chase, NBC, and CNN, among other companies and networks. Larry Muller has served in his present role since August 2018 and has been with Cody and Theory since 2014. In addition to overseeing daily operations and finance, he also led the agency’s acquisition of Mediacurrent and Rhythm.

Before coming to Code and Theory, Larry Muller was an entrepreneur and franchise owner. He owned 26 Dunkin Donuts stores throughout Long Island. He purchased his first shop in 2004 and, over the course of the next 10 years, acquired an additional 13 and developed 12. Prior to this, Muller was the chief operating officer of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.

Larry Muller spent the prior eight years as CEO of Alliance Distributors, which he founded in 1989. The New York-based video game distribution company recorded sales revenue of $1 million in its first year and achieved $25 million by 1997. The increase in sales can in part be attributed to the Video Game Alliance, which Mr. Muller established to support the advertising efforts of retail network he serviced.

Earlier in his career, Larry Muller worked as a sales executive with API/Wren Distributors, where he sold computers and other electronics to major retailers in New York. He began his career with Macy’s New York, prior to which he obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics from Stony Brook University. Beyond his professional pursuits, he enjoys playing competitive basketball through Ultimate Hoops.

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